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    Bickerton 'Dahon' All Aluminium Bike, The Followup from the 1970's Classic Design By Harry Bickerton,
    After loosing his Iicsence The Areo Space Engineer, Harry Bickerton designed this Compact Folding Bike to Maintain his Mobility!!
    The Bickerton, also called the Bickerton Portable, is a portable aluminium folding bicycle designed by Harry Bickerton and manufactured in the UK between 1971 and 1989. After the end of production in 1989, the factory did not close its doors until 1991. The Bickerton was a portable bicycle launched when folding bicycles tended to be 20-inch (51 cm) step-through frames with a simple hinge, such as the folding variant of the Raleigh Twenty. The bicycle was made entirely of aluminium profiles, without any welds. In its weight (under 10 kg) and folded package size it broke new ground[1] [2] and it is cited by Andrew Ritchie as one of his inspirations in creating the highly successful Brompton bicycle
    The bike was heavily promoted on TV with the slogan "Go bag a Bickerton", a reference to the dual-purpose bag, which could be used to hold the bike or as a pannier.
    This 1989 Bickerton/ Dahon was one of the last to leave the Factory. The New Compact Design was hoped to save the company from closing down. Alas, it was not to be!!!
    This and my other Original Bickerton Are Classic British Designs That inspired others, including the Brompton,and later Dahons.
    Ready to Ride Home!! Only £ 150


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