“We try our best to supply bicycles for everyone at affordable prices”

Especially those who prefer a used, pre-loved bicycle instead of a new one. All our bikes are serviced and when required worn parts are replaced with new, Secondhand parts are used when appropriate to keep Prices affordable

We take in customer repairs and endevour to get your bike back on the road as economically as possible. Often on the same day!!

We pride ourselves in our commitment to help our customers get what they require. Be it a fast Road Bike, a comfortable Tourer, a unsightly Pub bike, a cheap ' get me started' Deliveroo/ Uber-eats Bike, we will do our best to help you. We have many frames and are always happy to deliver a custom build service . We also build and safety check any new bikes bought elsewhere and delivered to you boxed. You can arrange your boxed Bikes to be delivered directly to us and we will build and safety check your ride.